Multi-disciplinary Project

Quality: Complex solutions under one roof

As general contractor and worldwide leading supplier of railway electrification and power supply systems, Balfour Beatty Rail undertakes the management of complex, multi-system projects competent, efficient and flexible.

The challenge of railway infrastructure projects: With the know-how, experience and flexibility of a seasoned general contractor of multi disciplinary projects, Balfour Beatty Rail even realises highly complex, large-scale projects.

Warrantors of success: Efficient project management, including construction supervision, assembly and acceptance in various facilities, top logistics and quality, utmost adherence to deadlines and safety. Balfour Beatty Rail is organised in a decentralised manner and present throughout the world.


General contractor for all equipment-related fields, such as

  • Contact lines
  • Signal and telecommunication technology
  • Electrical engineering
  • 50 Hz Railway power supply systems, telecontrol
  • Tunnel safety systems
  • Cable systems
  • Cable underground work
  • Technical surface construction
  • Related construction measures


Preparation for planning

  • Definition of the technical concept
  • Cost estimates
  • Surveys


  • Dimensioning
  • Optimising
  • System selection
  • Planning of all service phases in accordance with HOAI (remuneration regulations for architects and engineers in Germany)
  • Determining the material required
  • Construction process planning

Construction implementation

  • Provision of materials
  • Execution and co-ordination of the construction measures for underground work, assembly, installation
  • Construction supervision, authorised technical experts, switch requesters for central switchboards (where required), co-ordination of legal requirements
  • Adherence to deadlines
  • Measurement of qualities, acceptance, commissioning


  • Transfer of proof
  • reation of final plans / equivalence
  • Overall overview plan / circuit diagrams

Maintenance, inspection, repairs

  • Maintenance service (24 hrs.)
  • Spare parts management
  • Recycling
  • Safety, environment, quality